Mar. 8th, 2010

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I couldn’t get to sleep Saturday night, probably due to a combination of having a cold and the medication that allowed me to breathe.  So I decided to see if there were any updates for my computer, such as BIOS or drivers.  Sure enough, there was a BIOS update available and I applied it.

After it was done, the update software restarted the computer but it failed to start.  Nothing appeared on the screen.  I was afraid I’d just turned it into a boat anchor but powering it down and then back up took care of it.

The update had reset all of the CMOS settings so I had to go through and change them to my preferences.  Interestingly, iTunes must key on the BIOS somehow because it didn’t recognize the machine anymore as an “authorized” system.  I had to authorize it again which is fine as I can have up to five authorized computers and I only have two.  At some point I’ll sign into the website and see if I can de-authorize the “old” computer as well.


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