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The other day, I responded to a tweet by [personal profile] technoshaman regarding violent and threatening acts occurring in the health control bill passing in the House of Representatives. Go read what I wrote, his response to me, and my followup response to him at the first link and then come back when you're done.

Just to make sure you all understand perfectly: I do not condone violent or threatening acts in the name of political ideology regardless of who is committing it and which part of the political spectrum they occupy.

Having said that, I would like to point out the following:

Not all of these acts are known to have occurred. The most prominent example is the reports of people shouting racial epithets at black Congress members and spitting on them during the rally last Sunday. However, absolutely no evidence in the form of video or audio recordings has been presented.

We don't yet know who committed all of the acts that obviously did occur. We have threatening messages being left on Congress members' answering systems, of both parties, but no proof who left them. We have windows of Congress members' offices shot, of both parties again, but no proof who pulled the triggers. We assume in all cases that the people doing these things are opponents of the targeted politicians. However, there is ample precedent for such acts being performed by people on one side with then intention of blaming it on the other side. Please see the following links:

In my experience, it is more likely that those on the left would resort to such tactics but I will not preclude the possibility that those on the right might do so as well. But if you think about it, the left has won a great victory and now they're trying to defend it against a rising groundswell of popular opposition. Which side has the most to lose now? Please check out the following link:

There are acts by those on the left that we know occurred and that we know were perpetrated by the left. See the following links:

And finally, even if someone purporting to support a particular view or group engages in this type of behavior, it does not mean the view or group as a whole is not legitimate.  Especially if, as is true of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Movement, the leaders of such groups unequivocally state that they do not condone such acts.  Please do not let yourself be fooled by attempted smear campaigns, regardless of the sources and targets, nor let your opinion of a group or viewpoint be determined solely by the actions of a few misguided extremists.

And if you catch me doing the same, let me know.  Keep me honest.

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